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Newborn Session - Charlotte Rose

Back in December of 2015, i had my 1st request to do a newborn session. I had no experience in this genre of photography, but when Marilia said she wanted something different, something that would tell a story, i was all for it! I had tons of fun photographing Marilia & Many's 1st son Sebastian ... and today, about 2 years later, i had the pleasure of going back to photograph Sebastian's baby sister Charlotte!

Babies grow so fast that i can't stress how important i believe it is to document its stages. Its beautiful and extremely fun to be there capturing those moments of interaction between Marilia, Many, Sebastian, Charlotte and even the dogs :-)

From feeding Charlotte to changing her dippers, from cute smiles to loud cries, from keeping her awake to putting her to sleep ... these are all beautiful moments that happen every day in Cuco's family , and that some day Charlotte will get to see.

Here are some of those moments


Nelson Santos

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