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Natalie Pregnancy Photo Session

I'm gonna start by saying this: I just love when a client is as determined as i am to get great shots, even when the weather doesn't cooperate :-)

When Natalie contacted me to do her pregnancy photo session, i got super excited! Not only was she pregnant with twins, which i find awesome, but she was due in early January, which meant: WINTER PHOTOSHOOT !!! I have always wanted photograph a "winter look" session, but its not a very popular season for picture taking... unless you're Santa Claus :-)

I got to say: Natalie and Dave are real troopers! Although we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day with fluffy clouds, i could not ignore the fact that it was FREEZING!!! At close to 30 degrees and a slight cool breeze, i couldn't help it but to wonder how Natalie could stand still without freezing... but she insisted to say "believe me, im perfectly fine!".

I wanted to make sure i would deliver a quite diverse set of images. We started with some simple photos with Natalie, Dave, and the dogs, then we moved around the park to get some different shots. We had some fun using colored smoke-bombs while fighting the wind ... or should i say ... i was cracking up while Michele (my wife :-) ) was running back and forth trying to get the smoke to flow the right way, while keeping her head out of the smoke path (sorry babe :-) ). As the sun was setting, we moved towards the lake to get the beautiful "golden hour" light and glow in the sky, which turn into an episode of "Nelson Vs The Flying Geese Squad", Yes, if you by any chance were also at the park and heard someone yell "THE GEESE ARE COMING", that was probably me ... which actually reminds me: i need to add a goose whistle to my equipment wishlist :-) . We then moved to the other side of the park, where i still managed to climb a tree (mental note: add that to my insurance policy !), and we played with colored smoke-bombs 1 last time!

Once again, we had tons of fun doing this photo-session for Natalie and Dave, and we love how these images turned out! Thank you Natalie and Dave for giving us the opportunity. Here are some images from the session!


Nelson Santos

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